About me

About me

My shelter

I am Pavel Moriche González creator of Wood Vega Designs
and passionate about handcrafted woodwork.

I’ve always been inspired by nature, the mountain, the forest…
Maybe that’s why, in a difficult moment of my life, I took refuge in wood.

My pieces are naturally full of life, because they retain the
they retain the original feel of the wood.
Thus, their soft texture, the dance of the grains and the carefully and the detailed finishes convey a unique harmony, to give shape to pieces that shape pieces that, as well as being seen, can also be felt.

From my workshop in Toledo, I design and create made-to-measure pieces, both for homes and for homes as well as for restaurants and hotels.

I am also a certified teacher for ResinPRO, a leading company in the sector. and I give training courses to cabinetmakers, carpenters and many other people who are other people who are passionate about wood and want to learn how to create unique create unique pieces in solid wood combined with epoxy resin.

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How do I work?

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They say that handcrafted pieces hide a story, and mine began a long time ago in the middle of the forest.

The wood of my pieces comes from selectively felled trees or trees felled by a storm, dried naturally for years, to preserve the identity of the solid wood, which remains strong and resistant over the years. strong and resistant over the years.

Once the wood arrives in my workshop, it is time to work it, feel it with the utmost respect and interpret its language, to create truly singular pieces, with soul and life, rooted in nature rooted in nature, and the fact is that everything I do in my workshop is done by hand, in an artisan way, I do it by hand, in an artisan way, respecting each phase of the process.

Thus, day by day, step by step, what came into my hands as a plank of solid wood wood takes on a new life, to become a unique piece, with its own personality and its own personality and, in essence, natural.