Wood Vega Designs enhances the value of craftsmanship, of conscientious woodwork, feeling every grain and every detail. A job that is possible, also, thanks to the small sawmills that provide the raw material while taking care of its origin and the sustainability of our mountains.

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Bosque de Nogales


Wood Vega Designs furniture carries nature within it, and that is why, for me, it is essential to take care of it. I only work with Spanish walnut wood and selective felling, that is to say, wood that has completed its life cycle in the forest: when it stops bearing nuts, this tree catches a root disease and dies. For this reason, felling takes place just before this happens, when the fruit-bearing period has just ended.


He used solid wood, Spanish walnut and other hardwoods, which have been dried naturally, sometimes for decades. This process gives the wood superior strength and durability. At the same time, he uses natural oils, resins and waxes that allow the natural texture of the wood to be felt.

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