I have always told my children about the thousand battles I lived through in a small village in the small village in the pastureland of Extremadura under the shade of a huge walnut tree that that seemed to caress the sky with its great crown. In time, they stopped listening to them they stopped listening to them because I barely had enough time to continue to do so. And it was then that my little girl looked me in the eye and asked: “Daddy, why don’t you asked me: “Daddy, why don’t you tell the world all the beautiful things you have inside you?

At that very moment I stopped everything.

Nobody sat next to me at the foot of that big tree anymore. And without I took refuge in it, not in its shade as I had done so many times before, but inside it. but inside it and I discovered a beautiful world full of twisted veins and world full of twisted veins, weathered by the passage of life, capricious at will, without an established order that wanted to be cared for with the utmost respect. cared for with the utmost respect.

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That’s why I don’t work with wood, I feel it. I take refuge to tell you my most sincere story through them.

Nobody listened to them at first, I was alone with those dust-covered planks.
I promised my tadpoles, people would stand before my work and be proud of their father.

From there Wood Vega Designs was born, from a little brown-eyed, big promise.
unaware that he had shaken the life out of me at five years old.

Together we shaped that promise and with great pride and respect it was shown to the world in an Addiction Designs space called “Tierra” at Marbella Design Fair 2020.

People stood before her, caressed them and felt the soul that was impregnated in those veins. And to make it even more incredible still, “Tierra” was awarded the Best space in materials innovation.

Thank you Erico for helping me keep that promise that I made to my children a long time ago.

Thank you for making up for every tear shed in the fight to achieve a dream.

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¿And you, do you believe in them?

At Wood Vega Designs I make them come true.